Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I have a new blog about weird old SFF novels

 Well, as you can see I haven't updated this blog in many years. I still play D&D but I don't get creative ideas for it in the same way that I used to. Instead I have started a new blog where I review classic sci-fi and fantasy novels, focusing on the strange and the obscure.

There is obviously a lot of crossover in interest between this and old-school D&D. Old-school players will particularly enjoy my writeups of Roger Zelazny's The Changing Land (a psychedelic wizard novel that seems to have drawn directly on D&D 1e) and Jack L. Chalker's Midnight at the Well of Souls (a bizarre sci-fi-fantasy-fetish mashup that manages to be videogame-like despite being written before videogames were really invented).

Check it out here:

You can even subscribe and have it delivered straight to your inbox, as is the new fashion!

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  1. Thanks for the pointers, I added the new one to my blog feed too!