Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cliff Kitty

The Cliff Kitty is a monster that appears almost exclusively at the tops of tall cliffs. It has the appearance of a normal kitten, and generally spends its time gambolling about, rolling on its back and generally being cute. Travellers often approach it to try and pet it or pick it up, whereupon the kitty will jump back just out of reach. This continues until the kitty has lured its prey to the very edge of the cliff, which has been chosen especially for its instability. The cliff then collapses and both the kitty and its prey will fall to the ground. The kitty then sprouts a pair of feathery wings which it uses to fly away. After the avalanche is over, the Cliff Kitty flies down to the corpse/s of its victims and begins to feed.

When not lying in wait for its prey, the Cliff Kitty may be seen nesting on the sides of cliffs. Young Cliff Kitties are completely hairless and nearly blind.

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