Friday, March 29, 2013

DCC Fimbulwinter - Session 1 report

I usually find play reports boring as hell so I will try to keep this snappy and interesting:

- 15 funnel PCs captured by anthropophagic elf sorceress
- Me one hour into the session: "Shit, I pulled my punches too much on this dungeon, I'm not even going to kill any of them"
- Sorceress critically fails two spell checks in a row, then rolls an enormous check and hypnotizes 5 PCs in one round
- PCs murdering each other. Not because of the hypnosis thing, purely of their own volition.
- Last PC flees for the exit. Grabbed by giant frog, shrugs off his backpack containing all the (meagre) treasure in order to escape.

I'm using an SP=XP system, with 0-level characters starting at -100xp. The sole survivor's only loot was a single silver spoon, so he is still 98xp away from acquiring a class.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Chaos and Law

Humans have an innate tendency towards both Law and Chaos. The former can be seen, for example, in the way they order bookshelves; the latter, in their desire to demolish buildings. In fact, the two tendencies are not at war but complementary. A chef arranges his work most beautifully on a plate precisely so that it may be chopped up, chewed, and reduced to scraps and acids by the customer. A house of cards is built not for the moment that it stands, but the moment it falls.

Some have conceived of a midpoint between Law and Chaos, a force that seeks Balance between the opposites. However, the vast majority of the human race is allied to neither Law nor Chaos nor Balance, but to the eternal Cycle of the three.