Friday, March 29, 2013

DCC Fimbulwinter - Session 1 report

I usually find play reports boring as hell so I will try to keep this snappy and interesting:

- 15 funnel PCs captured by anthropophagic elf sorceress
- Me one hour into the session: "Shit, I pulled my punches too much on this dungeon, I'm not even going to kill any of them"
- Sorceress critically fails two spell checks in a row, then rolls an enormous check and hypnotizes 5 PCs in one round
- PCs murdering each other. Not because of the hypnosis thing, purely of their own volition.
- Last PC flees for the exit. Grabbed by giant frog, shrugs off his backpack containing all the (meagre) treasure in order to escape.

I'm using an SP=XP system, with 0-level characters starting at -100xp. The sole survivor's only loot was a single silver spoon, so he is still 98xp away from acquiring a class.

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