Saturday, May 26, 2012

Public Transport


This map depicts the ancient land of Ebut Nodnol. The coloured lines represent ley lines of elemental power. Note the Fire Line passing in a curve from east to west, the tangled Line of Darkness cutting through the midlands, and the bright yellow Line of Light that forms a protective circle in the centre.

The thick pale blue line is the edge of the Great Southern Glacier, which has travelled a hundred miles in the past thousand years. One day it will cover all of Ebut Nodnol.

The white circles are places of power, usually situated at the confluence of two or more elemental lines. The blue circles contain the rune of Elder Nodnol, an empire that once spanned the entire continent from its capital in the east. Each blue circle represents a ruin or other location where technology from Elder Nodnol might be found.

Each name gives a clue to what may be found at that location. Ravenscourt Park is a haunted vale where it is rumoured that all the ravens of the world convene under the full moon. Elephant & Castle is known for the huge stone pachyderm that rests before the battlements of the local lord. Arsenal is reputedly the hiding-place of a huge trove of arcane weaponry.


This is a map of August Meru, the Mountain That Is the World. All the world exists on the slopes of this mountain; to suggest that anything extends beyond the mountain is blasphemy. The yellow areas are the upper slopes, covered by snow, whereas the blue areas are the lower slopes. Blue/yellow divided areas are snowbound in winter but not in summer. The grey area to the southwest is the Harrowing Void, where the dead titan Filiph dreams the end of all existence.

The black dots represent points of civilisation, while the white dots are uncharted areas. White dots with black rings are ruins.

At the summit of the mountain is the Shining City of Pool, where the gods reside. Five monasteries are built around the summit to serve the five elder deities: Flagg, Flinder, Parlia, Mell and Elba of the Cross. Some way distant from there is a lesser peak, the Jolly Mount, where heretics once held vile orgies until the gods smote them in disgust. To suggest that the Jolly Mount is the higher of the two peaks is blasphemy.

The locations with names in BOLD CAPITALS are the Last Bastions, whose walls look out upon the No-Lands beyond the mountain. There are no lands beyond the mountain. The commanders of the Bastions defend that which is against that which is not, has never been, and never shall be.

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  1. BRILLIANT. I want to do this with the Washington DC Metro map now. I've played around with amusement-park maps as dungeons, but subway maps opens up a whole new vista.