Friday, August 3, 2012

Horrible Curses

1. Curse of Great Vomit: Your stomach acids grow suddenly more powerful, just before you throw them up. The vomit is strong enough to burn through wood and dissolve any flesh it comes into contact with, but only after it has left your mouth. Make a CON save or vomit on yourself or on a nearby ally. If you pass the CON save you can make a to-hit roll to vomit on an enemy. The vomit deals 3d6 damage.
2. Curse of the Fleshmotes: 2d6 pounds of flesh detach from your body individually, grow legs and run away. Lose 1 point of CON for each fleshmote that escapes, or 1 point per two fleshmotes if you are notably fat. If the fleshmotes are captured, fried and eaten, the CON damage will be restored, but the little buggers are fast.
3. Curse of the Spaghetti Limb: One random limb suddenly becomes limp, saggy and unusable. If the skin of the limb is cut, it will be discovered that all substance beneath the skin has been transformed into tinned spaghetti and tomato sauce. If all the spaghetti is scraped away (a completely painless process) what remains of the limb will be a very thin fleshy rod, 5mm in width, covered in black bristles.
4. Hair Curse: Hair begins to grow thickly in your mouth, throat and nose, cutting off your breathing within 1d3 rounds. The hair can possibly be trimmed but will continue to grow at a steady rate for the next hour.
5. Curse of Thin Blood: Your blood literally becomes thinner - it is diluted with water. It is now quite transparent and does not congeal. You take a -2 penalty to CON. Furthermore, whenever you suffer damage you must roll over  the damage total on a d20 or get cut and begin to bleed. While bleeding you take 1d4 damage per round and even if someone staunches your wounds, you must make a save vs. paralysis for the bloodflow to stop, since your blood doesn't congeal or form scabs.
6. Curse of Glutinous Attachment: Your skin becomes glutinous and sticky. If it comes into contact with any other part of your body, they will be stuck together instantly. Whenever taking an action besides standing still or walking very slowly, make a DEX save or have two body parts awkwardly glued together. Multiple victims of the curse can become stuck to each other. The glutinosity lasts 6 hours, but the attachment is permanent.
7. Curse of the Masterless Heads: 1d4 stunted, malformed heads grow in various places on your body and begin gnawing at you, each dealing 1d6 damage per round. They can be killed by bludgeoning, cutting, etc, however they will beg for mercy and refer to you as "brother".
8. Curse of the Escaping Veins: 1d6 major veins (or arteries, maybe, I'm not a doctor) pop out of your body at one end. For example it could be that vein that runs along the back of your hand, and it pops out just a little bit near the knuckles. The veins are blue and do not 'bleed'. However, within 3 turns you will begin to feel an overwhelming urge to pull on the veins. It is something like the urge to scratch yourself, and something like the urge to pull out a loose thread from your clothes. Make a save vs. paralysis each turn to resist the urge. If you fail to resist, you will begin pulling out the vein until it dangles up to 4 feet from your body. The skin of the vein is fragile and if broken you will begin to bleed out rapidly, taking 1d8 damage per round.

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