Monday, April 9, 2012


Another type of monster to be found in Batmania. The Dhinnabarrada appear to be humans with the legs of emus. They live in secluded areas of the desert where very few other creatures can survive. Most Dhinnabarrada subsist entirely on witchety grubs. If they touch the feet of a human, he/she will be transformed into a Dhinnabarrada like them. Although they are not violently aggressive, they take great joy in converting more people to their race, and thus the Kulin and other native peoples consider them enemies. One weakness of the Dhinnabarrada is their obsession with prey animals, which they rarely get a chance to eat. An adventurer passing through the lands of the Dhinnabarrada should carry a live bandicoot, which can be released to distract the Dhinnabarrada if they attack.

(Yes, this is a real thing from Aboriginal mythology.)

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