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Harry Potter spells (G-L)

Geminio (Magic-User 1)
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Creates a duplicate of one inanimate object. The duplicate is superficially identical in appearance, but is composed of a worthless brittle grey substance. Creatures who suspect the object is a fake are entitled to an INT check to discover its true nature. Professional appraisers and merchants will never be fooled by this spell.

Gemino Curse (Magic-User 6)
Casting time: 1 turn
Range: Touch
This spell may be cast on a number of inanimate objects equal to the caster's level. When the accursed objects are touched, struck or otherwise disturbed, they will multiply into 2d6 copies as per geminio above. The copies are also affected by this curse - thus if the objects are disturbed further they will continue to multiply, filling up a 10' cube area (1,000 cubic feet) within 1 round. The multiplication may continue until it has filled a total volume equal to 5,000 cubic feet multiplied by the caster's level.

Glisseo (Cleric 1)
Casting time: 1 segment
Range: 120'
Duration: 24 hours
Causes the steps of one staircase to flatten into a slippery ramp.

Homonem Revelio (Cleric 1)
Casting time: 1 round
Range: 120' (10' wide path)
Reveals to the caster the location of any humans within the area of effect. Those detected by this spell will feel a sensation of something swooping over their head.

Inflatus (Magic-User 2)
Casting time: 3 segments
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 round/level
Inflates one object or creature to twice the normal size with helium gas, causing it to float upwards at a rate of 5' per round.

Imperio (Magic-User 9)
Casting time: 6 segments
Range: 60'
Saving throw: Negates
This spell enslaves one creature to the will of the caster. The victim must obey to the letter any instruction given to them by the caster (nor may they attempt to circumvent the logic or wording in the manner of a genie, but must always act in the interests of their controller). The spell has no maximum duration but is cancelled when the controller dies. This spell is arguably the most hated of the three Unforgivable Curses, because of its alarming effectiveness as much as its inherent cruelty. Characters with high willpower may resist the curse; each time they are ordered to act contrary to their ideals or desires, the character may roll a d20 and add their Wisdom; on a result of 30 or higher, the curse is broken.

Jelly-Legs Curse (Magic-User 3)
Casting time: 1 segment
Range: 50'
Duration: 2d4 rounds
This spell causes one creature to suffer their legs become a jelly-like substance, so that they wobble around at random, unable to move and taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls and armour class. This spell has no effect on creatures without legs.

Langlock (Cleric 2)
Casting time: 3 segments
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 round per caster level
Glues the target's tongue to the roof of their mouth, preventing them from speaking (and thus from casting spells). Has no effect on creatures without tongues.

Levicorpus (Magic-User 2)
Casting time: 2 segments
Range: 40'
Duration: 1 round per caster level
Hoists up the target by their feet or other lower appendage and hangs them upside down a few feet above the ground.

Other well-known spells:
Glacius 'Cone of Cold'
Incendio 'Burning Hands'
Incarcerous 'Web'
Lacarnum Inflamarae 'Affect Normal Fires'
Legilimens 'ESP'
Locomotor 'Tenser's Floating Disc'
Lumos 'Light'

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