Friday, June 1, 2012

Weapons and Armour of Batmania

Flintlock Pistol
Price: 50sp
Ammunition price: 5sp
Range: 15'/25'/35'
Damage: 2d6
Reloading time: 1 round
Special: Ignores 2 points of AC.
A roll of 1 on the attack roll indicates a misfire. The gun is now unusable, and repairing it will cost 25sp.

Price: 100sp
Ammunition price: 5sp
Range: 250'/300'/450'
Damage: 2d10
Reloading time: 2 rounds
Special: Ignores 4 points of AC.
A roll of 1 on the attack roll indicates a misfire. The gun is now unusable, and repairing it will cost 50sp.

Price: 5sp
Range: 150'/300'/500'
Damage: 1d6
Special: If the boomerang misses, it automatically returns to the thrower. This doesn't work in enclosed areas.
Price: 10sp
A woomera is a device used to throw spears faster and further than with bare hands. A spear thrown with a woomera increases its range to 50'/70'/90' and its damage to d8.

Plate Mail
Is still the same as regular plate mail, except it looks like Ned Kelly armour.

Body Warpaint
Available only to Aboriginal Fighters. Warpaint covers the whole body and is imbued with a mystical defensive power. It is superior to armour in that it confers no penalties to movement or action, but it must be applied regularly to be effective. Application takes 10 minutes to complete and costs more depending on the strength of the warpaint. One application lasts for six hours. If the Fighter loses more than 25% of the warpaint (i.e. by wading through water) then its power is lost.

White Warpaint: Base AC 13. Cost: 10sp. This is the most common paint used by Aboriginal warriors.
Patterned Warpaint: Base AC 15. Cost: 50sp. This paint incorporates patterns of white, red and yellow.
Dreaming Warpaint: Base AC 17. Cost: 400sp. This paint features complex images that are uniquely related to the warrior's Dreaming totem. The paints must be prepared beforehand by an Aboriginal sorcerer.
Not sure about how well these numbers compare to those in the LotFP rulebook. The guns are basically similar to crossbows but more expensive, deal more damage, and have a chance of a misfire. The body paint will probably be really powerful, since you can get almost up to the level of platemail without encumbering yourself at all, but it's hopefully balanced by the fact that six hours of Dreaming Warpaint is nearly half the cost of a set of plate that will last you forever. (Or until you meet that rust monster, anyway ;)

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