Thursday, January 31, 2013

More on Latin American Adventures 

The church at Macondo, an isolated frontier town, default starting location for PCs. (Squint and pretend the car isn't there. The bicycles can stay.) 
Instead of drawing spells from God directly, Catholic clerics adhere to particular saints. Popular saints include Santa Juana (left), a savant scholar, and Santa Rosa de Lima (right) who mercilessly tortured herself as part of her ascetic obsessions. Male saints include Saint Dominic, patron of astrologers and Hound of the Lord; Saint Francis, who commands the respect of all animals; and San Ignacio, the warrior-priest and founder of the Jesuits.
In this world, Europe does not seem to exist and white people are unknown. Everyone is varying shades of brown. Judaism & Christianity developed alongside Aztec and Mayan religions. Christ was born in Panama. If this doesn't make sense maybe you are thinking about it too hard!
 Some Moors and Africans have arrived from the east to trade or settle the islands. It is said the Muslims have a vast desert empire across the ocean.

Legends speak of people called 'The Pale Race' who existed before even the ancient Olmecs or Chavin. But few traces of them remain.

An example of an 'Elemental', a surreal monster composed of various unconnected elements. Some say they are a mobile breach in reality, others that they are another guise for demons.

Diego de Landa, foremost of the Inquisitors,  a sect of Catholicism that seeks to destroy the rival religions and purge the Catholic faith of syncretic influences. Landa is currently overseeing the invasion of the Yucatan Peninsula and the eradication of Mayan scriptures.
deceptively innocent-looking seamstresses hunt giant cockroaches on the pampas plains
syncretist priests deconstruct their own bodies to fuel their postmodern magics

a colony of serpent men lives high in the Mexican altiplano along with their mind-controlled human slaves
giant jellyfish disguise themselves as giant heads above the water. Although it is unclear what they are disguising themselves from since a giant head is itself not a common sight in the Caribbean.
known only as the labyrinth men, these individuals have strange powers and are probably not native to this dimension

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