Sunday, July 29, 2012

Death Shrew

"Here is one like the shrew-mouse of the land; but this one always lives on the ice of the sea, and whenever it sees a man it darts at him, entering the toe of his boot and crawling all over him. If the man keeps perfectly quiet, it will leave him unharmed. But if he is a coward, and lifts so much as a finger to brush it away, it instantly burrows into his flesh going directly to his heart and causing death."
- Clara Kern Bayliss, A Treasury of Eskimo Tales

No. appearing:1d6
AC: 14 (LotFP)
Move: 60'
Hit dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: death
Special: burrow into heart

The Death Shrew is a creature that was made by the creator-god Raven as a way to punish humans for their cowardice. This monster has the ability to chew through cloth and leather, and uses this ability to burrow through the boots of its victims and crawl up their body. Once the Death Shrew is on the person's body, they must stand very still and not show any fear of the creature as it crawls all over them. If they move at all, the Death Shrew will burrow through their flesh into their heart. A successful saving throw (DEX or vs. death) will allow the character to pull the Death Shrew out before it reaches the heart, instead only taking 1d4 damage. However if the saving throw is failed the character will be killed instantly.

It is strange that although the Death Shrew was made to test one's bravery, it is knowledge and forewarning that is more likely to save the victim. Some say that Raven was mad when he made this and other monsters, for they do not do as he intended. Others claim that there are two Ravens, and the one who created these and other monsters is not the same as the one who created Man.

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