Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Pomegranate Gambit

There was a fierce fight, and the scorpion turned into an eagle while the snake became a vulture. For a time the vulture pursued the eagle until it turned into a black cat. The princess then became a brindled wolf and for a time the two creatures fought together in the palace. Then the cat, finding itself beaten, became a large red pomegranate in the middle of the palace fountain. When the wolf came upon it, it rose into the air and fell on the palace floor where it burst, its seeds scattered, each in a different place, until they covered the whole floor.
A shiver ran through the wolf and it became a cock, which started to pick the seeds so as not to leave a single one, but as was fated, one of them was hidden by the side of the fountain.
- One Thousand and One Nights, Night 14

The Spell of the Pomegranate is a last resort for magic-users in fear of their lives. The magic-user becomes a pomegranate that bursts and scatters 100 seeds. The soul of the magic-user can move freely between seeds and see out of them, unless the seeds are burned, eaten or otherwise destroyed. If all the seeds are destroyed, the magic-user is slain instantly. When the spell ends, the magic-user can choose which seed he/she emerges from, while the others wither away to dust.
Level: 4
Duration: 1 turn/level (can be cancelled prematurely)

(By the way, this shapeshifting princess is a total badass. She's just sitting around in her palace when her father's all "How will we save this prince from a curse put on him by an ifrit?" and she's like "Oh yeah, I never mentioned it before but I actually have like a bunch of magic powers." And then she summons the ifrit and kills him. 
How tough is an ifrit? Well, nobody else in these stories even thinks about fighting them.)

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