Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grasstop Lurker

On the way they came to a dry lake bed in which tall grass was growing very thickly, and lying on the very tips of the grass was a large animal, yet the grass did not bend with the weight. It was a strange-looking animal with a long head and six legs, the two hind ones unusually large; the forelegs short; and a small pair under its belly. The hair around the feet was very long, but all over the body there was fine, thick hair. From the back of the head grew short, thick horns which extended forward and curved back at the tips. The animal had small eyes, and was of darkish color, almost black.
"These animals can sink right into the ground and disappear," said Raven. "When the people want to kill one of them, they have to put a log under it so it cannot sink. It takes many people to kill one, for when the animal falls on the lower log, other logs must be placed above it and held down, while two men take large clubs and beat it between the eyes till it is dead."
- Clara Kern Bayliss, A Treasury of Eskimo Tales

No. appearing:1d4
AC: 16 (LotFP)
Move: 80'
Hit dice: 3
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d6/1d6 (claws) 1d8 (bite)
Special: balance, intangibility
The Grasstop Lurker is a monster found in the sky lands above the world, which are also inhabited by celestial dwarves and raven people. The Lurker is sometimes aggressive toward the sky people, but will always attack travelers from the world below. It is usually found lying on top of tall grass or sliding very slowly across the grass. 
The Lurker has an uncanny ability to balance on thin strips, points, unstable surfaces, etc., without putting any pressure or weight upon the surface. It usually uses this ability to remain atop the grass that is its hunting ground.
The Lurker also has the ability to become intangible at will and then to sink into the ground. In this state the Lurker can pass through anything except for wood. If it has grabbed an enemy, they will become intangible as well and it may carry them down beneath the earth to devour them at leisure.

The Lurker's preferred tactics are to ambush its victims, grab them and carry them underground, using its intangibility to escape retaliation. If pursuing a group of lowlanders, it will pick them off one at a time. However, one of this monster's weaknesses is its laziness - when it is not actively engaged in hunting, it can usually be found drowsing atop the grass, at which time it is vulnerable.

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