Thursday, July 26, 2012


No. appearing: 1
AC: 18 (LotFP)
Move: 30', 120' swimming
Hit dice: 3
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d8
Special: stuff into hood, death throes

Kalopaling is an ancient creature that dwells beneath the surface of the ice. He swims like a seal but looks like a human, except for his feet which are very large and unwieldy. He wears clothing made from black-and-white duck skins.

Kalopaling has a huge hood on his back. After he has grabbed a victim, he will stuff them into his hood where they will vanish forever if they are adults, or become his captives if they are children. The captives of Kalopaling live underwater with him and never grow old. They sometimes come up to breathe, but never want to be parted from Kalopaling or returned to their family. They have a seaweed rope tied around them for Kalopaling to pull them back in.

If a parent ever wishes for their child to be taken away from them, Kalopaling can come to claim the child. While claiming a child he can move very quickly even over land.

A harpoon made of walrus bone will slay Kalopaling instantly if it pierces him. The death throes of Kalopaling are so terrible to behold that no-one has ever described them. Those who see the death throes are cursed to die within one week. The flesh of Kalopaling is poisonous.

Kalopaling's preferred tactics are to attack small boats or people walking on thin ice. He will not leave the water if he can help it, except to claim a child or to sleep. Kalopaling has a small and secret island where he sleeps, but its location is unknown.

Source: Clara Kern Bayliss, A Treasury of Eskimo Tales.

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